MOIRA’S COVENANT [Free Spirit Series, Book 10] by Rikki de la Vega


With the coronavirus outbreak winding down, life in Stallbrook is returning to normal, and Moira Cloutier joins her friends for a huge kinky play party. She has great fun with Wil and Daria Jackson, who are also members of the Free Spirit community. The chemistry between them leads to her becoming their submissive, staying at their house on weekends to joyfully serve them and their friends as a willing concubine. But Moira hopes and longs for something more permanent …

Meanwhile, trouble is brewing in city politics. Rumors are circulating of sexual impropriety by a leading City Council member. On top of that, moderates and hardliners are on the verge of open warfare. As a political consultant, Wil has been drawn into it all, trying to uncover the truth and provide a voice of reason. But if he’s not careful, revelation of his “unconventional lifestyle” could derail his efforts …

With erotic role-play and political intrigue, this story is an intense addition to the Free Spirit series!

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