MY NEW MASTER [Bound and Determined V] by David Jewell


Every Woman Bowed Eagerly Before Him!

Detective Brad Williamson has been undercover, gathering evidence of kidnapping and slavery against Professor Richfield, an expert in behavioral modification. The professor has sold his genius to rich dominant husbands who want to train their wives to be eagerly submissive in every way.

Forced to masquerade as a Master, Brad is discovering that he enjoys dominating women - and he has learned so much about the Professor's techniques that Brad realizes he could set himself up in the Professor's place. If he wants to become the New Master, and every woman could be trained to bow before him. Meanwhile, several women are being conditioned by the Professor so they can only be fulfilled by being sex slaves to the men in their lives - and they are slowly responding to Brad's new mastery over women!

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
Author Page David Jewell's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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