MY NEW MISTRESS: A Novel of Forced Feminization by Heather Lynx


After months of online contact, Mistress E decides to find out if Dave is the submissive that he claims he to be. Arranging to meet him in a busy hotel lobby, she instructs him to wear panties and hose for her. Pleased with his appearance and potential as a submissive, she then orders him go into the men's room, masturbate into his panties and bring them for to her. She accepts his gift and promises to be in touch after she evaluates his performance that evening.

Dave anxiously waits for her e-mail to arrive. When it does a few days later, he is relieved that Mistress E wants to further his education into being submissive in every sense of the word including some forced feminization. Mistress E puts him through his paces by making him buy more lingerie at Victoria's Secret and by using pain and pleasure to get him even more motivated to be submissive to her every whim. She is not going to let him off easily nor will she let him get off without paying the price and begging sufficiently for the privilege.

However, she fully enjoys all that he has to offer as he serves her an oral servant and a boy toy. She further tests his resolve to be fully submissive by having him wear lingerie to work and finally by using him for her sexual pleasure in his office.

When Dave returns to Victoria's Secret again, he discovers that his salesperson is a mistress who is helping Mistress E in his training. She dresses him from the inside out and sends him off to meet Mistress E wearing a miniskirt, a blouse and heels on the outside and very sexy lingerie underneath. Mistress E finally offers to collar him. She informs him that for her to do so he will have to make sacrifices in terms of his marriage to wear her collar. Dave ponders her offer. He needs what she offers him in terms of intensity and fulfillment. Freely, he agrees to her terms.

The first test is when his collaring ceremony conflicts with going to the theater with his wife. He chooses to be collared. Mistress E plans an elaborate ceremony that will impress upon Dave the wisdom of his choice. With the help of other mistresses, she pushes his limits further than they have ever been pushed before. After a full night of perversion, pain and pleasure, Mistress E spends some quality alone time with her newly-collared submissive.

Dave leaves his mistress knowing that she owns him heart, mind and body. He will do anything to please her. Arriving home, he discovers that serving Mistress E and finally wearing her collar has added a new dimension of sexual intensity not only to his life but to his marriage. He is eager to enjoy that new intensity with his wife when she returns from the theater.

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