NAOMI: A Young Woman’s Journey into Her Deepest Desires by Rikki de la Vega


Freed from her sheltered and repressive upbringing, Naomi McCoy decides to pursue her deepest sexual desires. After placing an online ad, she meets the older and more experienced Madame Véronique, who agrees to take her as her submissive and help her live out her many fantasies of being seduced, used and dominated. They are joined by Miss Connie, whose more aggressive style of dominance complements Madame’s more genteel approach—and soon, other friends take part in fleshing out Naomi's erotic fantasy as well...

Rikki de la Vega lives, lusts and writes in the Boston, Massachusetts area, drawing on real-life experience in BDSM and polyamorous relationships to craft many of her erotic tales.

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