NAUGHTY GIRLS – Who Deserve to be Punished by R. Greco


Every girl misbehaves sometimes - and when that happens, they need a strong man -- or a "daddy", or "mommy", "aunt", or friend to take a hand, or whip, or stout rope and…

R. Greco knows the bdsm scene inside and out. He knows what motivates girls to be naughty ...and how those who punish them go about it and why! Just read this dazzling collection by one of the hottest new online erotica authors, R. Greco, and you will find it's the closest thing to being there yourself - to being the naughty girl -- or the one punishing her!

Among the stories included are: "Monitoring", "Spanking is Fundamental", "The Plan", "Bonnie's Challenge", "Quickly Jumped Hurtles" and others.

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About the Author

R. Greco is the editor-in-chief for the international fashion latex magazine Von Gutenberg (as well as its online blog writer/editor), sex columnist and reviewer for &, and a regular contributor to, and many others.

Greco is also an internationally published author of short stories (appearing as they have in small press, major market and online around the world as well as in stand-alone author collections), essays, SEO copy for a diverse array of clients including escorts.

As an ASCAP licensed songwriter for over two decades, Greco has written and performed his instrumentals, acoustic-based rock ditties and more up and down the east coast (and some abroad) and he also spends some time on this new fangled Interweb thang all the kids are into as a web-based D.J. and radio show co-host. He also seen his one-act plays produced across the U.S.

Given the above fiddle-dee-dee and folderol, in an attempt to keep his ever-expanding ego in the respectable bounds of his own cranium, R. Greco makes his home in the wilds of suburban New Jersey where he was born/bred and raised just like a fallow young veal. It is in those wild environs, jumping from Quick Check’s in search of 1% milk and lottery scratch-offs, that R. coddles the hope that he can keep escaping the tsunami of adoration that would find him if he was humble enough to allow it.

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