NEW ORLEANS NIGHTS: Erotic Romance by Marilyn Jaye Lewis


Read New Orleans Nights and you will find yourself drawn into an sensual world that only award winning erotic novelist Marilyn Jaye Lewis could create!

Evie had two problems. For one, she was about to turn twenty-one and inherit the DuMaret fortune from her mother, which would make her one of the richest and most sought after women in New Orleans. For another, there was her father. He wanted to control every aspect of her life as he already did her inheritance, right down to the husband he'd picked out for her, the son of another wealthy, Big Easy family.

She developed yet a third problem when she met Lucas Cain. Cain was drop-dead gorgeous and all her unfocused physical yearnings centered themselves around him. Before she knew it, Evie was giving her heart and her body to Lucas without reservation. But Lucas was a young man with a lifelong mission: he had come to take over her father's business, her family's fortune, the very mansion in which they lived -- and Evie, as part of the prize.

As their passionate encounters continue, against the sensual seductiveness of the New Orleans nights and the glamorous French Quarter, Evie little guesses the revelations that lie ahead and will shatter her romantic idyl.

Full of vivid imagery, enthralling characters, edge-of-the-seat twists and turns and molten-hot interludes, New Orleans Nights is a book that erotic romance readers will enjoy and remember for years to come. With New Orleans Nights, Marilyn Jaye Lewis shows, once again, why she is considered to be one of the best erotic writers in the world.

Cover: Laura Givens.

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About the Author

Marilyn Jaye Lewis' s erotic short stories and novellas have appeared in over 50 books and anthologies in the United States and Europe. She is the founder and executive director of the Erotic Authors Association, the first American organization to honor literary excellence in the erotic genre.

She is co-editor of the international top-selling art book, The Mammoth Book of Erotic Photography. Her erotic fiction has won many citations and awards, including the New Century Writer Awards and finalist in the William Faulkner Writing Competition.

In the late '90s, as president of Marilyn's Room, Inc., Marilyn was executive producer on numerous spoken word recordings for fiction authors and poets, and she sponsored and/or produced live video and audio web casts of spoken word performances in conjunction with and

She has been interviewed on syndicated radio, Internet radio, cable television, and Canadian syndicated television. As head writer for RomAntics Inc., her work was highlighted on HBO, won an AVN award for Best Adult CD ROM game of 1998, and received critical recognition in Entertainment Weekly, the popular American entertainment magazine.

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