Their only choice was submission...


Charlotte and Pamela weren't, technically, sisters; they were neighbors. They didn't even look like sisters. But that had never stopped them from being sisters in every other respect—right down to the way Charlotte, four years older, had been cleaning up Pamela's messes for the last ten years.


In a panic, Pamela sought out Charlotte’s help. She’d embezzled almost $50,000 from her employer, and Michael wasn’t the type of man to take his problems to the police. Michael was closing in on Pamela. The two women headed to the mountains to try to figure out a solution, but Pamela’s car broke down on the way.


That was the last thing they remembered.


When Charlotte woke up, Michael confronted her. She tried to be brave until she saw Pamela strung up and a naked man next to her in what looked like jail cells in a basement. Charlotte tried to console Pamela, but it was difficult to get close to her, since Charlotte had handcuffs on.

Charlotte needed to bail Pamela out, but Michael wouldn’t make it easy. If she was such a good friend to Pamela, Michael demanded, Charlotte would be willing to strip naked—and then he’d decide what else would be required of her. Things quickly escalated, and Charlotte soon found herself caged, just like Pamela.

Michael informed them that their bodies were required to repay the $50,000. With no choice but to obey Michael's demands, Charlotte found a dark side to herself that Michael exploited, and soon, like Pamela, she was drawn into the depths of submission. Will Charlotte and Pamela survive what Michael has in store for them?


Once again bestselling BDSM author Powerone delivers a sensational and senses-shattering novel of bondage, submission … and more!

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About the Author

The #1 Best Selling Author, he captivates readers by bringing them into the minds of both male and female lead characters. With vivid description and rich detail, Powerone draws readers into a world often found only in fantasy and leaves them aching for more. His bestseller, Bound for His Pleasure, has recently been issued in paperback.

Powerone resides at the beach in San Diego where scantily clad women forever perk his imagination.

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