NOLA by Cyn Castle


A Young Woman Discovers Sex -- and Romance!

"This new scorcher makes Tom Wolfe's I am Charlotte Simmons look like a kid's book!" --Sibly Whyte, former editor, Fetish Times.

Nola James, a day after her eighteenth birthday, is introduced to the joys of sex by her common-law stepbrother. Thanks to a nosy neighbor, Nola is mistakenly identified as underage and hauled away to a child welfare home, where the innocent young woman is assigned to a room with a disturbed inmate who smokes pot and runs around naked.

Nola is then assigned to a woman as a prospective adoptee where she is treated like a maid and accosted by the woman's lover. She escapes, and after a number of sexual misadventures, gets a job as a waitress at a bus station snack bar where she becomes friends with the owner, an older woman who becomes a second mother to her.

Rape and pregancy follow, but just when all seems lost and Nola feels she will have to sell her body to survive, Robbie Nolan returns to town. He starts a successful delivery service, and finds Nola when he delivers goods to the cafe. Nola realizes she still loves Robbie but can't bring herself to tell him she has a baby -- so she rejects him.

Will Nola find love? Could Robbie father another man's child? Is there any hope for a young woman forced to go wrong by circumstances, or is she doomed to sink lower? You'll discover the answers in a frank new novel that may be part autobiography.

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