NOOKY by T.B. Robertson


Their Differences Ignited Their Passion!

Lowell is a double-digit millionaire, a proud member of the beatnik generation who never dropped the slang he adopted in Greenwich Village, 1965. Young women love hearing him talk, and he loves young women. But he would gladly trade in his eternal bachelorhood and playboy lifestyle if he could find one girl who embodied what he calls his "vision." But now that he's sixty, Lowell thinks that even if he did find her, he'd be too old for her.

Peggy is a twenty-six-year-old marketing representative for the San Diego Padres. She has a petite body, blonde shoulder length hair, Skyy-Vodka-bottle-blue eyes, and a consistent problem of picking boyfriends who are assholes only interested in themselves.

After Peggy kicks her latest self-centered, cigarette-smoking, letch of a boyfriend out of her apartment, she makes a vow to her roommate that she'll never fall for another young louse again. She says that she's going to find someone who'll sweep her off of her feet and who's enamored with her from the very beginning and who isn't so wrapped up in his career that he only wants her as a cocktail-party trophy girlfriend.

When Peggy and her roommate walk into the same country club lounge where Lowell and his best friend Larry Feathers are having drinks, Lowell and Peggy find themselves wondering if their sudden and intense attraction to each other is real.

Cover photo: Richard Williams at Diva Photography

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Categories Scorcher , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Scorcher - Getting it On
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