She Controlled the Valley, But Not Her Heart!

A dozen men want to marry Nell Allistair, but she is smart enough to know it isn't her charm, intelligence or beauty that intrigues them. With her husband's death she became the richest woman in the territory. Nell owns the saloon, the best ranch land in the valley and holds the mortgage on nearly every other property around.

So far, Nell has held off her suitors by declaring she will not even consider remarriage until her year of mourning is up -- but her time is running out.

Don't miss this contemporary classic by the writer whose work Ayden Delacroix of In the Library Reviews calls, "Alive, vibrant and full of surprises."

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About the Author

My name is Jacquelin Eddins and I'm a writer.

That's a little bit like being an alcoholic. I write because I can't stop writing; I haven't been able to stop since I wrote short stories to amuse my baby sister when our Mom had a rare night out. For a very long time it was a solitary vice.

I have always loved stories of fantasy and science fiction. It may sound strange, but when I need inspiration I re-read Lord of the Rings -- I must have read it nearly a hundred times now. Anyone who loves fantasy owes a great debt to Tolkien and I freely acknowledge his influence on my imagination.

I hope you will enjoy my work as much as I've enjoyed creating it.

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