OBEDIENCE TRAINING [Bound and Determined I] by David Jewell


Could She be Trained to Submit?

Kris Olson's husband has tricked her into joining him on what he said would be a spa like vacation at the Delta, Omicron and Upsilon Retreat Center: a very private compound located in the foothills of Northern California.

What she does not know is that Professor Richfield, who runs the center, has used his expertise in behavioral modification to develop a program for training women to be fully submissive to their spouses and/or significant others at all times. His training is harsh but effective thanks to his use of bondage, sadomasochism and other training techniques. When Kris learns why her husband has brought her to Richfield's retreat, she attempts to resist and escape, only to find herself physically helpless in the hands of his large, specially trained attendants.

Though she considered herself a strong, independent woman, Kris soon finds herself succumbing to Richfield's training and learning to eagerly obey her husband in bed and out of it. And that is only the beginning of her experiences, and the beginning of this masterful saga from the author of the bestselling My Wife, My Slave trilogy. Soon the police will be on Richfield's trail, but the canny professor has many tricks up his very experienced sleeve.

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