Slave Wife!

Erin Wyatt will do anything to advance her husband's law career: including sleeping with his firm's biggest client, ruthless billionaire Roger Caine. When the man's demands turn sadistic, however, Erin tries to pull the plug on their affair. The vengeful Caine vows to conquer her, using her own unsuspecting husband as his proxy. Ambitious young Kevin Wyatt has no idea that he is being manipulated by his new friend and mentor.

With Caine's help he transforms the beautiful blonde into a willing sex slave. Erin relishes in her newfound subjugation to the man she loves, though she soon discovers she is equally powerless to resist the demands of the masterful Caine.

In Reese Gabriel's new novel, her world becomes a tightly wound spiral of pleasure and pain as both men vie for the right to wield the whip of desire, ultimately risking everything for possession of the one thing money cannot buy - the devoted heart of a woman who lived "obediently ever after."

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About the Author

Reese Gabriel is a born romantic with a taste for the edgier side of love. He’s a writer, teacher, lover and activist, seeking to live out dreams and fantasies and help others live out theirs. He enjoys beauty in all its forms, especially the erotic as well as the crossing of boundaries and the making of a better world — one in which we will never have to hide who we are again.

Having traveled the world and sampled many of the finer things, Reese now enjoys the greater simplicities — barefoot walks by the ocean, kisses under moonlight and whispers of passion in the darkness with that one special person.

Preferring to remain behind the scenes, cherished by a precious few, Reese hopes to awaken in the lives of many the possibilities of true love through stories of far off places and enchanted lives.

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