The Fireworks Started the Night They Met!

Here is a unique new novel by Rex Gordon, author of the bestselling erotic ebooks Menage a Quatre and Lady on Top.

In Part 1, you'll meet Officer Judy, a serious-minded cop who likes to relax during her time off. She ends up in bed with the investigator from Internal Affairs who is sent to test her honesty, and at one memorable party, she has a fling with both the Captain and his wife. Which starts an itch.

In Part 2, you will meet Cara, the pastor's wife. The bad news for Cara is that her husband is a terrible lover who thinks sex is dirty. The good news is Jake, her auto mechanic, who is as skilled with her chassis as that of the sports cars he keeps in tune. But still, Cara senses something is missing. In Part 3, Judy and Cara find themselves head-to-head over the same man, share him, and then discover their real passion is for each other ... then the sparks really start to fly!

Peacock Blue Reviews says Rex Gordon's novels are "enjoyable ... with plenty of twist and turns. The writing is crisp and flows well, both in the numerous erotic scenes as well as the non-erotic scenes."

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About the Author

Much to the disappointment of some readers and the relief of others, the Rex Gordon you see represented here is NOT the British author Rex Gordon who was born in 1917, but instead, an American born in 1955. Rex Gordon is just one of the many bylines for this powerful and prolific author of erotic, romance, science fiction, and mystery novels and stories.

He has published in many places, most recently with Sizzler Editions. His current works include Ménage à Quatre and Ménage à Cinq. His most recent novel, Everybody Loved the Librarian, combines erotica with a tight mystery that leaves the reader wondering which of her lovers might have killed her.

Rex has also published under many other names.

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