OTHER OPTIONS: An Erotic Fantasy by J. J. Rose


A Thrilling and Unique Erotic Fantasy Tale!

Ala, an island princess in a world where magic is real, hasn't spent her entire life waiting around for Kivol to claim her—especially when he does it the night before departing on a long sea voyage, leaving her alone and untouchable. ...And that's when Ala realizes that she's in love with someone else: Vivia, her best friend, a woman from another clan on the island. With Kivol gone and Ala claimed, however, they cannot act upon their love, for the magic of the claiming would burn Ala and Vivia alive.

Fortunately for Ala, her people are kind, loving, and very intelligent. Mistress Dashia, who rules the island's women, has magic. Sila, Ala's older sister, has advice. Vivia, who Ala has come to love, has ideas. But in the end, will Ala be able to choose Vivia at all? Or will she be forced to spend her life with Kivol—every day seeing, but unable to love, Vivia the way her heart knows she must?

One thing Ala learns, though, is that there are always other options... if she can find them.

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Categories Submission - Female Domme - Lesbian , Encounter - Fantasy , Encounter , Attraction - Lesbian , Attraction
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