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Lady Blade

Lady Blade

Lady Blade started writing when she was thirteen, but was talking with the voices in her head long before that.

She spends her days crafting tales of BDSM, Werewolves, Action and Adventure and her nights dreaming of her next characters. She has written six books for Sizzler Editions and has many more planned for the near future.

She resides in San Antonio, TX with her five cats and a new mini-pin named Roo.  She is a Writer, Kitty Scratching Post, Puppy Chew Toy and avid photographer for all of the above!

She has a blog, a Twitter account (which she hangs out in far more often than she probably should!) and is on Facebook.  She loves hearing from her readers, so feel free to stop by any of these venues and say Hi!

If you ask nicely, she might even pull out a paddle and say Hello back, as only a Mistress can, of course…


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