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Betty Carlton

bettycarltonBetty Carlton

Betty Carlton describes her work as Erotic Romance, but says most readers describe her work as “dark erotica,” and adds, “I write a different type of Romance story, which has been referred to as dark and irresistible, but … I just think they’re fun.” She enjoys writing heroic, Alpha-male characters – “that ‘I will be in control’ male,” as she describes him.

Betty’s stories have, thus far, all had happy endings “no matter how anguishing the tale … I like the romantic story with more [to it] than ‘boy meets girl and one of them lies’. …I believe lust can grow into love, [and that] love and respect are earned — and that’s a happy ending.”

After a few chilly years in the frozen north, she swore she would never live above the Mason-Dixon Line again; North Carolina is as far north as she intends to go, and she now makes her home there with her husband and their dog, Sammy.


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