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T. L. Davison

TL davisonT. L. Davison / Laura Hammond

While primarily an artist, I discovered a love for writing in my teenage years.  However, I didn’t start writing seriously until my 21st birthday…doing it the hard way.  I ran the gamut of unfulfilling jobs ranging from Administrative Assistant to Security Officer while writing my first novel; Love’s Legacy, in every minute of my spare time.  I won’t go into how long it took me, doing it this way, but I’ll say it was a valuable learning experience. These day jobs also provided me the opportunity to observe the way people interact with one another – an invaluable experience that allowed me to create believable characters in my books.

I tend to gravitate more towards New Age spiritual romances and erotica. The spiritual overtones and references to reincarnation mentioned in my stories came about from my own experiences as a seeker of spiritual truths, having been an Evangelical Christian who soon found that I could no longer live my life at peace within the parameters of church dogma.

A few years ago, I was approached by Sizzler Editions and asked to write some erotic romance novels, and my efforts yielded two novels under the pseudonym of Laura Hammond [seen below, listed after the books published in her own name –Ed.].

I am still an artist, participating as frequently as possible in Studio Tours, as well as various Arts related activities in my community in the east end of Toronto, Canada, where I currently live. You may visit my site at


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