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Kiernan Kelly

Kiernan Kelly

In response to the question “Why write gay romance?”, Kiernan Kelly says, “Because I can. <grin> Actually, I write m/m fiction because, while one hot guy is enough to curl my toes and melt my underwear, two together leave me drowning in a puddle of my own drool which is probably the same reason you read it!”

Kelly’s books span a variety of genres (“I have the attention span of a gnat. Actually, I like to read different genres, so why not write them? I think I’d be bored out my head if I were forced to stick to the same theme all the time”) and explore diverse themes including paranormal, fantasy, and science fiction in addition to contemporary romance.

While offering the richly developed plot and characterization that define the romance genre, Kelly’s work retains the refreshing and sizzling honesty of more straightforward erotica: “There used to be a restriction against using ‘hard words’ when writing romance, as if anyone who might read a romance would have such delicate sensibilities that they’d gasp and swoon if the author didn’t use a euphemism but called it like it is,” Kelly says. “I think that’s changing. I read a lot of GLBT and straight romance, and am seeing the use of ‘hard words’ increasing. I don’t hesitate to use them – you know the ones I mean; most of them have four letters and end with a ‘k’ sound – and refuse to use euphemisms like ‘greased love pole’ or ‘throbbing shaft’ when writing. I mean, come on…they’re having sex, not giving the car a tune-up.”


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