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Severin Rossetti

Severin Rossetti

Severin Rossetti was a teacher of fine art, but now works at a lesser-paid job which involves less stress. When he turned from teaching fine art, he also turned from its practice to concentrate on writing.

After many rejection slips he finally had some encouragement. “Interesting,” said one editor, “but it lacks passion. Spice it up a bit.” Which he did, only to be told “wow!”… “well!”… “It’s spiced up, yes, but we can’t possibly publish this!”

Fortunately, others could, with the result that his erotic stories have been published in the UK and the USA in various magazines and anthologies. Rossetti’s novels and short story collections have also been published in the US by Sizzler Editions, and are available from major retailers such as Amazon, Barnes & Noble and others.


Severin Rossetti's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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