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Kissa Starling

Kissa Starling

Kissa Starling began writing in a diary as a young girl. In school she passed notes and penned short poems to pass around the classroom. In fifth grade she wrote an award winning speech that earned her a title and cold hard cash. During all of this she still found time to chase boys on the playground!

Her adult writing evolved into a mixture of sugar and spice that begs to be let out. She sets aside time each day to write, read, and spend time with her family in the southern state of Georgia. Visit her own site to learn more or read on…

Music, yoga, and meditation are among her many interests. Kissa currently has both ebooks and print books available with many more stories on the way.

She currently writes for Red Rose Publishing, Cleis Press, Atria Books, Sapphire Publishing and – of course – Sizzler Editions.

This author has many moods- sweet and sappy one day can turn into sizzling and erotic the next. She finds inspiration in everything around her: the changing of the seasons, the waves of the ocean, sunsets, rides on the back of a Harley, and romantic evenings with her husband just to name a few. Drinking sweet tea through a lime-green bendy straw is one of her many passions. Dare to experience the imagination of Kissa Starling…



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