OUT OF THE SHADOWS: A Sapphic Romance by TreSart L. Sioux


Tess and Kirk seem like a typical married couple with their house in the suburbs, lackluster love life and proverbial two children. But her life is growing harder and harder for Tess to take, because she has known all along that she is only truly sexually attracted to women.

Though Tess has fought her attraction to women for years due to her strict religious upbringing, she finally succumbs when she meets the passionate, perceptive Diane. But her husband's anger, her family's dismay, her own self-doubts, are only the first barriers in the way of her love for Diane. Because Diane's refuses to continue their relationship until Tess comes out of the closet and accepts herself for what she is. Reeling and torn between two worlds, Tess must come to terms with herself if she is ever to know true happiness. Erotica and romance mix in this unique novel only TreSart L. Sioux could have written.

TreSart L. Sioux's stories of women who love women have been called "Recommended reading!" by Quizbox.com and other review sites.

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About the Author

TreSart L.Sioux has been in the art scene for the past twenty-two years. Her media ranges from pen and ink, photography, erotic, animation to sculpting. She has traveled to Paris, Jamaica, and to the west coast to broaden her talent in photography and other arts.

TreSart has nine published erotica books available from SizzlerEditions.com. She was also part of the Swing anthology.

"I still have many areas I want to explore. I love learning new techniques, and working hard on the old ones. This is just too much fun for me!"

TreSart has won many awards in art competitions, and is currently working on sculpture creations to be added soon!

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