OWN ME, MY LOVE! & Other Stories by Reese Gabriel


"Will Stretch Your Emotional Boundaries!"

The critically-acclaimed, bestselling author of the romance of bondage and submission, Reese Gabriel, presents an unforgettable collection of novellas that explore the link between love and pain.

Each of these four short novels focuses on a woman who is seeking the One Master who will love and guide her through the storms of life. For young Jenny Randall it is the reclusive, tormented BDSM author Simon Majors, a man twice her age. After reading one of his books, the beautiful Jenny vows to be the one to heal his pains and kneel naked at his feet. Can she convince him to risk his heart even as she surrenders hers or will secrets from both their pasts undo them both? Pretty blonde Elisia must cement a marriage of convenience to preserve an inheritance. She has chosen a handsome stranger, cowboy Max Develin. Elisia thinks she holds all the cards, but Max intends to use his wiles, and a bit of rope to tame the feisty filly. Forty year old, Marlene, having lost her son to suicide, is seeking sexual escape through the Internet. She meets her dream dominant, but will his excessive demands pull her too far away from the life she is desperately seeking to hold together? Carrie has already lost one Master to an unexpected illness. After months of feeling nothing, she now finds her hormones exploding as she returns to their old beach house to prepare it for sale. The first to make his move is a young painter, handsome and cocky. She'd like to give in to temptation, but for some reason the local police chief, an old friend of her husband's keeps interfering. Could it be the Chief intends to pick up where he left off? Carrie is falling for him, but her own grief and secret guilt is holding her back. Ultimately each of these women will find their freedom only in chains, their security only in bondage.

Read this dazzling collection and discover for yourself why Fallen Angel Reviews says "Reese Gabriel's books are "an erotic journey that you will not soon forget. The love experienced by these three characters is something not often seen in romance novels ... will stretch your emotional boundaries."

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