After a dissatisfying marriage, Jennifer craves the excitement that has been missing from her life and begins dating a man who is no good for her. Soon Jennifer finds herself in a love triangle with the man she truly loves, Jonathon, and the bad boy, Tony, who she craves sexually. With Tony, the abuse starts out subtle and then quickly becomes very overt, perpetuated by a lover who is clever in his manipulations and uses love as an excuse for it all. After a rough ride and a lot of hot sex, Jennifer finds her way back to the love of her life in a HEA ending.

This novel is not for the weak of heart and involves graphic love scenes, anal forced sex, verbal abuse and one scene with mild physical abuse. Through it all, there is a love that never dies, and Jennifer learns to stand up for herself and figure out what she really wants in a man -- if it isn't too late...

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Categories Scorcher - Romance , Scorcher , HerSelf , HerSelf - Erotic Romance , Intoxication , Intoxication - Contemporary Romance
Author Page C. D. Galloway's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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