PERI’S BLISS [Free Spirit Series, Book 1] by Rikki de la Vega


Rikki de la Vega's books Sizzle with “Artful language, descriptions, dialogue and character portrayals, along with plenty of sex.” —Desmond Ravenstone

Peri Winger was quite content as a single woman, occasionally having fun at area swinger parties—at least she thought she was until she met Lila, followed by Lila's friends at the Free Spirit Connection, a new religious movement with a radically positive view of sexuality. Peri's fascinating new circle soon expanded to include the charming Andrew, who wanted to form an open triad with Peri and Lila.

Peri finds ecstasy in this spiritual community, and in time becomes a leader and defender of the faith. But they also face scrutiny from more puritanical elements in their city, who do not approve of how fast the Connection is growing. And when Peri and her friends discover a dark secret, it could lead to all-out holy war!

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Categories Thrill , Scorcher - Menage & More , Scorcher , Attraction - Bisexual , Attraction
Author Page Rikki de la Vega's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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