PONY GIRL PERIL [The Maddy Saga Book 9] by Paul Blades


Will Maddy Be Sold to an Even Crueler Master in this Double-Length Pony Girl Novel!?

...yes, if she loses the most important race of her life: kidnapped, carried off to a dangerous foreign country, Maddy has given up hope of rescue or deliverance. But, unknown to her, a rescue is underway in the penultimate pony girl novel in this thought-provoking series.

Maddy had been kidnapped from her Tennessee home some ten months ago. Tall, big boned and pretty, the young girl had been trained to serve as a pony girl and forced to undergo unimaginable indignities. She had almost come to accept her new life, but one friend hired Jake Barnes, a can do fixer, to track her down.

When Jake reported that she had been shipped off to a remote, insular country, they had to go look for it on a map - and between him and rescue were the Russian Mafia, sensual temptations, and Jake's growing emotional involvement with the woman he had never seen but must save. Yet Jake himself is becoming intrigued with the idea of human ponies: will he rescue her only to enslave her for his own pleasures?

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