PONY GIRL SUMMER [The Maddy Saga Book 4] by Paul Blades


Dominant Men Fulfill Their Deepest Fantasies By Training Women Like Horses!

Jackie has been hired to help find Maddy, a young woman kidnapped to another country by slavers and trained as a human pony. Maddy's rich father has hired a crack soldier of fortune to locate her and stage a rescue - all Jackie has to do is get inside the secret compound where the pony-women are kept and help make the rescue possible! It shouldn't take long and she should be free after only a short time.

But the rescue never happens, and Jackie finds herself being trained alongside the woman she hoped to save - then the two women discover they are both falling in love with their trainer.

Should they join forces or become deadly rivals?

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission - Kink, Fetish & Taboo , Submission
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