POWER PLAY and Other Loverotica by Andrew Hobson


Tales of Romance with an Erotic Touch!

Sensuality and romance make an explosive mix in Power Play and Other Loverotica, a collection of seven romantically erotic tales.

In "The Dinner Date," Susan is a selfish young woman who is looking for Mr. Right. Along with a longtime male friend and his date, she goes out for a meal with the man she thinks could be The One. Will she find happiness or are there disappointments in store?

In "Sweet Memories," sixteen year old Jayne wakes up in hospital after being involved in a road accident. But she’s not sixteen, she’s twenty-three -- and married to a man she's never met. Seven years of memories have been stolen and she may never get them back; can Jayne and her forgotten husband come to terms with their new situation and find the life they used to know together?

In "Flight Of The Wild Goose," Donald feels trapped in a job he hates and is married to Janice, who now seems to be a complete stranger. He decides to take a leaf from the wild goose’s book and is determined to find happiness, regain control of his life and rediscover the lost affection and love of his wife.

In, "A New Beginning," Lynne escapes from a brutal husband and returns home with her brothers and a family friend. Is there any hope for her to find happiness? Will she be able to overcome her guilt? Will she ever learn to love again? Will she stop hating herself for being the person she has become?

In "Power Play," find out what happens when a British lawyer working in New York makes a mistake that embroils him in the schemes of a conniving colleague. Will he keep his job? Can he keep his self-respect? Will he lose his wife and his very freedom? Piers is trapped by a dangerous woman, but help may come from an unexpected quarter.

In "Not So Trivial Pursuit," Cheryl is lonely and resigned to remaining a virgin because she was let down so badly in the past. But a young man who has just started with her company begins to play a game with her. It starts innocently enough but seems to take a sinister turn, and may have consequences lasting the rest of their lives.

In "I Am Me," discover what evil lurks in the heart of woman. A scheming gold digger plans her next move to begin a life of luxury… unless she goes mad first. Unfortunately for her, this could be a distinct possibility. A creature of great evil seems to have plans for her, plans that do not involve her personal happiness.

Power Play examines how ordinary people cope with extraordinary situations. Sometimes dark, sometimes amusing; always romantic and always erotic.

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