PRIMROSE DRIVE by Marianne Brun


Primrose Drive was a Street Just Like Any Other - No Wonder the Goings-On There Were So Hot!

Since Josie first discovered sex many years ago when she fell head over heels with Emery, she has not been able to stay with one man since. What happened then scarred her, and she is determined that she will never again give a man that much control over her heart. But now she's met Otto, and she is beginning to wonder if she can keep her resolve.

Meanwhile, her twenty year-old foster daughter Renee has begun to spy on Josie and Otto's lovemaking, and feel the deep stirrings of sexual awakening. Ryan, the boy next door whose first sexual experiences had been with the much-older Josie, is angry over their breakup and wildly jealous of Josie's relationship with Otto. When Ryan spies Renee pleasuring herself, it gives him a terrible - but enticing - idea: using her dawning sexual curiosity to get revenge.

And at last, Josie is beginning to believe she has found a man she wants to settle down and spend the rest of her life with -- then she discovers Ryan's plan. Is it too late for her and Otto to have a chance? Is it too late to save Renee from a tragic mistake?

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Categories Scorcher - Getting it On , Scorcher , HerSelf , HerSelf - Steamy Sexuality
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