A new novel of domination British style, in the mode of the masterpieces of Victorian erotic bondage.

They were worlds apart. Lady Lucinda and Rendon MacGregor were only united in one thing -- their love of bondage. They fought for sexual supremacy, each wanting to dominate and bring the other under their command. The battle of wills fused desire and competition; they sought satisfaction by kidnapping and imprisoning their own servants and the young men and women of the surrounding villages.

Soon, even the power of the D'Arcy family name could not protect them. With the disappearances in the district, the police started an investigation, the appointed officer a woman who became the object of desire by both Rendon and Lady Lucinda.

It's another great tale of erotica from the late Emy Naso, written in the British style of beautiful prose and the love of a deviant mind. The author is a master at exploring the inner thoughts of both super-charged characters and ordinary people.

Cover art: Jeff Fisher.

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About the Author

Novelist, essayist and poet.

Emy's work ranged from beautiful love laments to erotic short stories and novellas to full-length novels. Writing in many genres, Emy's distinctive voice covered humor, fantasy and mythology, as well as contemporary and historical work. Emy was a true Celt, born in the mountains of Wales. He lived in London for a while, and then settled on the remote coast of East Anglia.

Naso's motto was "Life is for today, writing is forever" -- but couldn't remember whether he adopted it after a deep study of philosophy or read it on the back of a cereal box!

Emy Naso died in April 2005, surrounded by the love of his friends and family.

Categories Victoria - Early Erotic Classics & Historical Fiction 17th Century-1920 , Vintage , Submission
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