QUEERER THAN YOU THINK by Alexander Renault


Contemporary Sex and Sexual Mores through the Lens of Gender Theory!

Who do you love? What do you do in bed? And what else would you like to do in bed? Queerer Than You Think: Post-Millennial Bodies, Sex, & Porn takes a candid, refreshing look at the these questions in a series of essays exploring the sexual realm and the politics of sexual representation.

Sexual words and pictures can be used to titillate and educate, and also serve as a record of the social and political climates of a given point in history. Debates revolving around pornography often hinge on the importance of freedom of speech. This witty, readable collection covers a variety of controversial subjects including feminism, homosexuality, pornography, prostitution, current sex laws, definitions of "erotica" versus "pornography," censorship, and sexual humor as political commentary.

The author, a gay male anthologist, covers such enthralling topics as "Sweet Potato Pie: Women, Pornography, and Catching the Third Wave of Feminism," which looks at the debate between the pro-censorship feminist movement, backed by the religious right and other conservative organizations, and third wave feminists, who celebrate female sexuality in all its forms; "Erotica vs. Pornography: A Delicious Debate," which shows how what are called "society's definitions of the obscenity" conflict with those of authors of erotica and the reading public; "Pornographic Propaganda," a compendium of ways sexual materials can be manipulated for political gain; "Pandora's Hive Takes Flight: The Buzz on Prostitution," a peek at the ideological war storming around world's oldest profession since "sex workers" began to unionize and demand an end to anti-prostitution laws; and other essays like, "Dancing Cheek to Cheek: Gay Men and Pornography Obsession," "Bone Tickling: The Politics of Sexual Humor," "Take Me At Midnight: Vampire Sexuality," "Busted: Sex and the Law," and more.

Queerer Than You Think will turn readers' traditional notions of sex upside down and inside-out, while pointing toward the next set of questions we face as we move on through this new millennium.

Cover: Elspeth Fahey.

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About the Author

The late Alexander Renault was a gay male anthologist who published in multiple genres from pet magazines to feminist newspapers, on philosophical issues from freedom of speech to the intersections of religion and sex, on human subjects from survivors of the Holocaust to popular music’s rock goddesses. Renault described himself as a "tenacious Gemini with penchants for feminism and psychology."

The renowned contemporary poet Antler says Alexander Renault's work shows a "heightened eros awareness." We think you'll agree.

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