RACHEL’S CONFESSION: A Novel of Surrender by Cyn Castle


Another Searing Tale of the Young Women of Today!

Only Cyn Castle, bestselling author of Motel Slave and My Dream Lover, could have penned a chronicle as frank and unsettling as Rachel's Confession.

When 18-year-old Rachel runs away from her puritanical stepparents' farm, she finds herself an innocent at large in a world of wolves. With no marketable skills to her name, Rachel finds a job at a seedy bar -- and can only get it, and keep it, if she lets its owner, Dano, have free reign over her body.

Rachel almost finds love with Arnie, who works on a local ranch. But, running with the wrong crowd, she soon finds herself forced into prostitution at Dano's behest. Then Dano is killed and Rachel framed for murder. Thrown in jail, she is forced into service by her female cellmate.

True love and a happy ending seem an impossibility, but not in a novel by the adroit Ms. Castle. If you want sex, pathos, romance -- and even a touch of B&D, look no further than Rachel's Confession.

Cover art: Ello.

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Categories Thrill , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
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