An Absorbing Romantic Thriller!

When Melissa Malden's boss's son tries to rape her, she quits and takes a new job managing an apartment complex. Only later does she realize the rundown condition of the apartments and the near impossibility of turning the operation into a success. Then, there is Jud, the mysterious, handsome maintenance man who drives an expensive convertible and plays golf at the local country club.

After weeks of long hours working beside him to refurbish the complex, the business begins to make a profit and Melissa finds she has fallen in love with the enigmatic Jud. During one particularly sweltering night Melissa plays Jane to Jud's Tarzan. His reaction afterward, however, convinces her she is being used, and after a fight she sends him away.

Meanwhile, her former boss's son has been stalking her -- and now that she is alone...

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Categories Thrill , Scorcher
Author Page Bob Liter's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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