Cadalan twins Arianhrod and Efnisien are enjoying a lazy day on the riverbank when they see the sails of strange ships approaching. Their day soon turns into a nightmare as their village is plundered and Efnisien is taken captive. Arianhrod flees, but is also captured, her assailants preparing to ravish her by force.

Escaping later, Arianhrod's travels take her far, and she has many sexual experiences with shapeshifters, gods, and many other wonderful and terrifying creatures, experiencing the extremes of bondage and captivity -- and of transcendent love. Finally, she comes to the cursed territory of Uratia, and then travels beyond, to an island in the sea. There Arianhrod meets Terynon, and the passion between them thrums like the strings of a fast-played harp.

Emy Naso’s Ravished by the Gods is a sensual and highly erotic feast for the senses. The author weaves fantasy and Eros into this captivating tale with the skill of a master bard, putting an entirely new spin on the old “good versus evil” story.

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About the Author

Novelist, essayist and poet.

Emy's work ranged from beautiful love laments to erotic short stories and novellas to full-length novels. Writing in many genres, Emy's distinctive voice covered humor, fantasy and mythology, as well as contemporary and historical work. Emy was a true Celt, born in the mountains of Wales. He lived in London for a while, and then settled on the remote coast of East Anglia.

Naso's motto was "Life is for today, writing is forever" -- but couldn't remember whether he adopted it after a deep study of philosophy or read it on the back of a cereal box!

Emy Naso died in April 2005, surrounded by the love of his friends and family.

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