When inhibited Vicky witnesses a mob boss' murder, the government hires Rod, a professional bodyguard, to keep her alive so she can testify. Soon she and Rod are on the run with a team of contract assassinations on their trail. Rod spirits her away to an isolated cabin in the Adirondack Mountains where Vicky experiences sublime sex for the first time in her life.

Together the two find a passion they have never known before. Neither realizes that the assassin looking for them is Velkro, who served in the Navy Seals with Rod, who he blames for his dishonorable discharge. His plans include torture, rape, and then agonizing death. But Rod has a plan, if Vicky has the courage to carry it through.

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Categories Thrill , Submission - Male Dom - Hetero
Author Page Rebecca Lash's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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