RIDING THE ROCKET: Tales of Male-Male Love in the Future — and Beyond – Edited by Sascha Illyvich


This collection of futuristic, erotic romances with a gay male spin will warm your heart and arouse your mind and libido; within its pages, love truly knows no boundaries.

Science Fiction is tricky. Throw lust in the mix and it becomes trickier. Add in budding, strictly-male love affairs and the narrative begins to defy gravity - which, in this case, is the conventional sentiment that romance is purely for the heterosexual.

"Impressed" by Maura Anderson takes Hawaii from its days as a sailing hub to a seedy airship port full of opium dens, illicit pleasure clubs and press gangs that can be bribed to impress just the right man -- for a price. In "Omakine" by Ralph Greco, love - or at least lust - can happen between two species...as can prejudice. In Michael Mandrake’s story "Longing for a State of Vertigo", one man’s quest to find love ends up being a heavenly experience. "The Universal Language" by Kiernan Kelly details how Mishau’s life is spent battling nature and struggling for survival, while Kurt’s world is far more technologically advanced, but when circumstances throw two very different men together, they quickly realize that lust is a language understood by everyone. The Test by Sascha Illyvich has one lover regretting what he did wrong with his life until he’s seduced by someone very special.

You'll also get to read these stories by these fine writers: "Bad Place" by Cecilia Tan; "Foster's Race" by Darla M. Sands; "Equivalent Exchange" by Charity Thornton; "Desert Foxes Live In Concert" by G.R. Richards; "Longing For A Normal State Of Vertigo" by M. Christian; "A Berth On Calista" by Sebastian Blade; "Mind Games" by TJ Golden and "Sky" by Leigh Wilder.

Riding the Rocket is an anthology that overflows with talent, showcasing well-written, hot, erotic male-male love stories with a science fictional spin, pushing boundaries and redefining them in gay voices, the voices of the future.

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About the Editor

Sascha Illyvich writes romance, erotica and romantic erotica. As an author of erotica he is probably best known for his novels of bondage and discipline published by Sizzler Editions.

Proclaimed by the publishing industry as the Bad Boy of Romance, Sascha Illyvich started writing twelve years ago. His erotic romances have been listed under the Night Owl Romance and Road to Romance’s Recommended Read list, as well nominated for a CAPA by The Romance Studio.

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