RITES OF THE VAMPIRE CULT [The Vampire Cult Series, Book 2] by Christopher Newman


Erotic Horror with a BDSM Seasoning!

Say you're a member of an exclusive, secret cult dedicated to restoring the Vampire race. But you're wrong about them -- horribly wrong. What would you do if you succeeded in their restoration, only to find this out?

In this complex erotic horror novel, Marci de Negro, a twenty-six-year-old legal secretary, is in love with all things vampire. Her wardrobe, lifestyle, and friends all reflect her desire to be a real vampire. Marci's boyfriend discovers a group that plans to revive vampirism and offers himself as a candidate for indoctrination -- but breaks Marci's heart when she accidentally walks in on his indoctrination, administered by a dominatrix named Madam Fatima.

The Madam is employed by the "Cult of the Unholy Womb," a powerful and ancient covert organization who gathers sexual energy from S&M sessions with willing slaves, and then channel this powerful force to their patron, Lilith. Lilith, according to legend, is the first woman created by God. She refused Adam's advances, was cast out of Eden, and slept with Satan. Thus she bore every demon, imp, and vampire that plagued our world. Marci agrees to join and thus becomes desperately involved with the cult. After her S&M initiation she is chosen to take part in an ancient ritual that will attempt to tear open Time and Space and bring Lilith to Earth.

Marci, her boyfriend and all of their friends are dead wrong about the vampires they so admire -- and the lesson they will learn might just be the end of the cult, not to mention everyone surrounding the cult's mansion.

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About the Author

Christopher Newman has been a resident of Trumbull County, northeast Ohio, for all of his forty-six years. Currently he resides there with his wife, two sons, their cat Murphy and a rat named Michaeledes.

A lifelong fan of sci-fi, sword-and-sorcery, horror, mystery and erotica, Chris has been avidly reading and writing since he first learned how. He is the author of The Truth about Vampires, its sequel The Rites of the Vampire Cult, and several more unpublished works.

Christopher has an Associate’s degree in Engineering, an expansive and eclectic library, and a deadly collection of medieval weaponry, helms and shields. Woe be to the foolish mortal who tries to invade the Newman home!

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