ROCKWELL ACRES: A Novel of Voluntary Slavery by Georgette Eliot


Donald Wyatt, with four successful BDSM novels in print, is traveling the countryside in his pickup, searching for the inspiration for a new plot. His brakes fail on a sharp turn and he finds himself slightly injured and his truck badly damaged - walking the half-mile to the only house in view and finds beautiful, disabled Kelly Crowder sprawled on the floor beside her overturned walker.

A call to 911 brings help, yet Don finds her less than grateful for his timely rescue, as she accuses him of being a pervert for having glimpsed her breasts when the medic unbuttoned her blouse. However, when Kelly discovers Donald is the author of a novel called Voluntary Slave she begins to ask him questions about the BDSM lifestyle that soon lead to her begging him to tie her up.

But while Kelly is exploring the exciting new world of bondage, events elsewhere on her property will lead to her involuntary captivity, a suicide, brutal torture and multiple murders.

Rockwell Acres is a masterful novel of bondage and romance with a real plot and compelling characters.

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Categories Submission - Male Dom - Hetero , Submission
Author Page Georgette Eliot's Sizzler Editions eBooks

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