ROSA FIELDING & THE AMATORY EXPERIENCES OF A SURGEON: Two Classics of Victorian Erotica by Anonymous


Two Once-Suppressed Works!

These two novellas are now recognized as classics of Victorian erotica. Rosa Fielding is the story of a beautiful young innocent sent to London to be groomed as a bride for the wealthy widower, Mr. Bonham. But Bonham's daughter, who has her own plans for her father's estate, shanghais Rosa into the hands of an unscrupulous woman who soon introduces the virginal waif to the most dissolute and lascivious wastrels in London. Debauchery ensues in the classic Victorian style. But the daughter's schemes may go awry, for there is a rich Lord waiting in the wings looking for the perfect mistress and the Victorians loved a happy ending!

The second classic recounts some of the amorous exploits of a physician of the era with women from all walks of life and presents a true portrait of what went on behind the moral façade of the Victorian age.

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