RUNNING INTO TROUBLE: Four Novellas About Gay Men Who Run by Devon Rudolph


Running into Trouble is a collection of four novellas about gay guys who run outside for exercise -- and the trouble they encounter along the way.

The first story, "The Honeydipper," is about a runner who lives in the inner city with his lover. They have been together for five years and have grown apart. And so, on their five-year anniversary, they move from the inner city, where they live close to the Gay life, to the more sedate suburbs where they think their relationship will have a better chance of surviving. Once settled into the suburbs, the next-door neighbor (a married man) complicates things.

The second story, "The God Zeus," is about a new neighbor the runner sees occasionally. From the safe distance of his run, he becomes infatuated with this god-like man who likes to putter around his front yard half undressed. One day, the neighbor materializes from out of the runner's long-held fantasies and joins him -- but it may turn out that the realm of fantasy is where he truly belongs.

The third story, "The Woodsman," is about a runner who spies a handsome and seductive man dressed like a lumberjack. This man is not aware that he is being observed and, believing himself to be alone in the woods, he begins to have subtle sex with himself. Soon enough, though, our runner will make himself available to help the lumberjack with his efforts, unable to stay hidden behind the trees any longer.

The fourth story, "The Married Man," is about a runner and his lover of ten years, whose inattentiveness to each other has slowly pushed them apart. They work different shifts and rarely see each other during the week. The runner finally meets a cyclist on one of his running trails, and finds that he just can't resist the temptation. He doesn't really feel like he's cheating since, he surmises, he's not giving away anything his lover wants anyway. But is this the jolt their relationship needs? Will it cause them to rediscover their love for each other and enjoy a passionate life together once more?

A sexy, enthralling collection of stories you'll want to read again and again!

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