SEDUCED AND ABANDONED and Other Erotic Tales by Jade Blackmore


"Erotic and Lusty!" says Fallen Angels Review about the work of Jade Blackmore; "She takes readers on a journey through just about every conceivable emotion, situation, and passion you can think of -- lust, anger, the warm fuzzies, bondage, and flat-out eroticism."

You will find all this and more in Blackmore's new collection of contemporary erotic stories probing the lives and loves of young, female artists and rock musicians, the girlfriends of moody male artists and rockers, and those who try to be both. Poor girls! Are they in for a surprise!

"One Autumn Night" and "How Ashley Juniper Changed Her Image" deal with girls losing their virginity to bad boys. "Junk Bar Incident" says a lot about sex and loneliness and how catty women can be when trying to snag a rock star away from a rival! "Roses To Heaven" takes on the concept of tattoos as body art; "Seduced and Abandoned" is a sex-for-money story with a twist. "Geneva's Story" and "Tables Turned" prove that the emotional and psychological games people play in pursuit of BDSM can sometimes be more interesting - and sexier - than a trunk full of bondage gear.

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About the Author

Jade Blackmore is a widely published erotica author and poet. Her books include Seduced and Abandoned and Other Erotic Tales and Broken Rose: Award-Winning Erotic Poetry, both published by Sizzler Editions. She is also an accomplished entertainment journalist and has interviewed many prominent musicians and actors.

Wendi from Fallen Angel Reviews gave Seduced and Abandoned a 5-Angel review, and commented: “Not only are there many short stories, [but] they are enjoyable, steamy reads guaranteed to tempt and tease. Jade Blackmore may have hit on something here, pulling the reader into looking for more of her entertaining, arousing stories that tell of life’s lustful moments.”

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