SEGOY: A Sequel to Jill by Jay Hughes


Sexy Sci-Fi Sequel!

Segoy is a woman; she just doesn't know it yet. But this green goddess, daughter of Jill, the newest world symbol of interstellar sex, is learning as she goes along. She has her own mansion, if that isn't enough. And she has her followers, if THAT isn't enough. Now she has Jay wrapped around her wrist. Jay's already wrapped around Jill's wrist, and Jill isn't sure she wants to let go. It's all very confusing to the Sundovian women, who love their Earth men in special ways: hard, long and intense. Love is measured in orgasms.

The Sundovians also have their own culture, and when Jill is forced to confront the inevitable -- who's in charge, me or my daughter? -- Jay must make choices, choices that will make somebody angry. And when a Sundovian woman gets angry, it's no laughing matter.

What he'll need more than a sense of humor, however, is endurance.

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