SEX ON THE JOB by Dan August


He followed the tips for sales success -- to sexual success!

The exuberance of youth is wonderful. The inexperience of youth is frightening. Remember starting your first 'real' job and the joy and excitement of embarking on your new career? How long before you realized that four years of higher education were not sufficient training to survive in the real world? For Mark, the doubt begins even before his first day of work.

Sex on the Job follows a young man's evolution from naïve college graduate to a full-fledged sales executive. The journey is not easy and is peppered with lessons in both sales negotiations and steamy sexual etiquette. Mark joins a national firm as a Regional Marketing Representative, a glorified salesman, and is immediately thrust into a shark tank without a spear gun. A non-existent client base, an ill-equipped manager and a vice president who likes to play mind games; he is immersed in work turmoil. On the verge of losing his job, our young hero finally lands his first sale.

But job security again turns to jeopardy, when he realizes that the sale has come with unexpected strings. In an intriguing encounter, Mark must use both his evolving sales skills as well as his sexual prowess to turn the tables on a very sexy, but highly manipulative MILF client. To complicate matters, Mark establishes a romantic connection with Beth, a colleague located in a distant city. It leads to a very erotic internet 'training', but ends abruptly when Beth confesses a dark background and hints of a possible suicide.

While juggling job issues, Mark struggles to find and save his new love, and en route encounters a few of the perks of being a traveling salesman, including a strip club featuring a pair of busty twins conjoined by a faux cock, a cute but naïve business partner who wants to be mentored at work and in the bed, and a seasoned commercial rep looking for sensual fun.

Proceed with caution, as Sex on the Job may entice you into an on-the-road sales career, or at least prompt a request to your boss for some work-related travel.

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