SHADES OF SEDUCTION 2: Passion’s Many Hues by Tina Hess


The Many Shades of Passion and Lust!

You won’t be the same after you read this eye-opening second volume of erotic stories from the celebrated pen of Tina Hess.

At the instant of most intense pleasure, our souls are exposed and we open ourselves to absorb the spectrum of beauty in orgasm. Tina Hess captures those moments in the lives of women, and describes their shades of feeling as only she can. In her pages you will find all the shades of desire, of seduction, and of pleasure that pass before a woman's eyes at the supreme moment of ecstasy.

When Hess writes of two people making love, it's art in motion; it's beautiful, unique, and pure. In this collection, you will encounter beautiful images, pure language, unique outlooks and wide-ranging experiences. With each one you read, you will find your senses, desires, and mind awakening!

There are three different shades in Volume II. The stories in Magical Magenta feature characters that discover passion in the arms of someone they never expected. Sometimes friends, co-workers, or old acquaintances discover desire. Passion ignites between them and sends the plot into a steam bath of lusty bodies. The lovers in these stories didn't expect love to blossom. Maybe they didn't like each other until anger sparked into passion. Or, perhaps love was simply the last thing they wanted, but the second they opened their souls to each other, love took over.

Emerald Ecstasy focuses on sex for sex's sake. The characters know what they want. It boils inside them, dripping with lust, and emerges in the arms of a willing partner. When you finish the last page, you walk away as satisfied and fulfilled as the characters.

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About the Author

Tina Hess' work has appeared in several adult publications and was featured on Playboy Radio. You can still read her adult stories and poetry online in archived issues of Mind Caviar, Clean Sheets, and Thunder Sandwich.

She also has three books available though Sizzler Editions, as well as a growing number of short stories.

After a long hiatus from erotic fiction, she has now returned and hopes to be sharing new work with her readers on a regular basis.

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