SHADES OF SEDUCTION: Passion’s Many Hues by Tina Hess


Women Who Know What They Want -- and Aren't Afraid to Take it!

Shades of Seduction is a collection of twelve sizzling short stories that capture the different moods of contemporary women's sexuality. Every story is highly erotic and will tingle all of your senses every time your reread them.

As Tina Hess describes them, there are three shades of seduction: Loving Lavender is chock full of romance. Each story revolves around true love. The scenes are soft and sensual; the characters are real in their feelings and reactions. Love and desire are intense in each one.

Have an appetite for sensual, non-committal sex? Basic Blue contains sensual, erotic sex between characters who aren't necessarily in love. The stories depict women who are confident in what they want and aren't afraid to take it. In the hands of these female characters, you'll never go hungry again.

Raging Red shows how anger and desire sometimes entwine. All of the female characters in this section must confront their anger towards a male. At the same time, however, the story heats up when the lines between love and hate vanish away with a touch. Raw and bare, the characters are well depicted; their tales intense and messy.

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About the Author

Tina Hess' work has appeared in several adult publications and was featured on Playboy Radio. You can still read her adult stories and poetry online in archived issues of Mind Caviar, Clean Sheets, and Thunder Sandwich.

She also has three books available though Sizzler Editions, as well as a growing number of short stories.

After a long hiatus from erotic fiction, she has now returned and hopes to be sharing new work with her readers on a regular basis.

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