SHADOW OF THE MASTER and Other Tales of Women Trapped in the Bonds of Passion by Jay Lawrence


A tantalizing set of tales by bestselling author of erotica, Jay Lawrence.

You'll encounter women bound hand and foot -- some literally, like Tamiko who falls under the "Shadow of the Master"; some figuratively like the heroine of "The Captain's Bend," who finds herself forced into partner-swapping. Here are accounts of women driven to the extremes of sex by the bonds of passion.

In "Shadow of the Master," a bright and attractive university student has been exploring the online world of dominance and submission. Her virtual Master instructs her to meet a mysterious girl named tanis at a downtown café. Sensing that something is far from right, Tami cuts the meeting short, only to discover that she is being followed -- and not just by the strange girl with the huge breasts and oddly vacant eyes. "Shadow of the Master" is a suspenseful novella of high tension and dark pleasures set in the vibrant city of Vancouver.

The other stories include: "Confluence," flash fiction on luscious al fresco lesbian love; "The Captain's Bend," present day "pirates" of the Caribbean, partner-swapping in the sun; "The Girl Named G" -- who is the gorgeous young woman on the train? She's not what she seems; "Essence," which explores the eros of control; and much, much more.

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