A mystery parcel of lingerie; a pornographic photograph; a shared seat on a bus; an unsatisfactory one-night stand; a chance comment; an obscene letter from a lover and a peculiarly hot summer: in this collection of sexually charged scenarios, these are all things that drive people to lose their inhibitions.

If you haven't sampled Scylla's intriguing brand of erotica yet, now is your chance. Seven transatlantic tales (two of which have never been published!) from the Sexy Thinking regular are assembled here for your enjoyment.

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Scylla, a writer of offbeat erotica, has a number of bestselling story collections and novels, including Love Bombs and Short Tales of Exhibitionism, published by Sizzler Editions. He lives in the United Kingdom. If you haven't yet sampled Scylla's intriguing brand of erotica, now is your chance!

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