Those Sexy, Sinful, Spellbinding Show Business Kids - Their Lives are Not Only Wilder than You Dream - They are Wilder than You Can Dream!

Just when she's sure she's never going to make a friend or have any sort of life during her senior year at her new high school in tony Beverly Hills, Inga Norgaard is approached from out of the blue by Cynthia "Cyn" Soames and asked to join Cyn's "posse", a small clique of senior girls who "rule". They are at the top of the food chain in the school; rich, hip, and hot!

Why Inga? Because Inga Norgaard -- originally from tiny St. Croix, Minnesota and as innocent as the driven snow blanketing her quaint hometown when she first arrives in California -- just may be the single prettiest female in Los Angeles. Swedish ancestry on both sides has given Inga ice-blue eyes, hair so blonde it's almost white, pale, flawless skin, and cheekbones most supermodels would kill to get. She's as statuesque and shapely as she is beautiful, and Cyn and the girls can't wait to get the prettiest girl in school into their circle.

Inga is flattered to be included amongst the children of famous actors, producers and television stars, but she rapidly learns that partying with this crowd very different. Her wildest fantasies turn out to be little more than a boring afternoon for these show business kids -- can she adjust to their libertine ways? Contains a bonus Sneak Preview of Ralston's ebook Educating Marlene.

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About the Author

C.K. Ralston has written and published over thirty erotic novels, both paperbacks and ebooks. Currently a semi-retired consultant living in Northern California, Ralston enjoys traveling, cooking for friends and family, the occasional glass of a fine Cabernet, reading good fiction, and writing some of the spiciest, most provocative erotic stories being created today.

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