SIN STREET [The Sinners Trilogy] by Harry Barstead (Jack Owen Jardine)


The controversial 1960s "sleaze" paperback classic!

“Early Sixties sleaze … well-written, as well as populated by some vividly drawn characters. Jardine could spin a good sleaze yarn in addition to his SF … well worth reading.” —Novelist James Reasoner on the short stories of Harry Barstead

From the text:

“I’M FOR SALE!” She winked slyly, wiggling closer to him until he felt the pulsing warmth of her bare thigh brushing against his. "Like to buy me, honey?"

These young women lay it on the line with all men. They walk the streets looking for a man, any man with the price to pay for borrowed passion. The trade their bodies for the strange need known only to the women on Sin Street.

The classic novel of forbidden lust in the murky alleys of thrill-mad cities...

The classic real-life stories of female sex workers in the early 1960s—a forbidden subject in midcentury USA—brought to life by sexologist and social critic Jack Owen Jardine writing as Harry Barstead, the man who could write collar-wilting sex scenes without using a single explicit word.

“Published in 1963, Sin Street is a collection of short stories about those ladies of the evening. We have seasoned pros, college girls just getting into the business, bored housewives, women regretting choices made. And the men: college boys with more money than sense, cab drivers, two soldiers planning a brothel visit in Algiers during WWII and taking ten years for that dream to come to fruition. There are even a few science fiction stories in the mix. Compared to your average story today, they are restrained. I liked them. Whatever they were, Maddock didn’t beat down the ladies here, make them appear as dirty. They made choices to survive and prosper as each of us do today. I’m glad I found this one.” —Randy Johnson



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