SISTER, SISTER! An Erotic Novelette by Toni Hunt


It Was Every Man's Dream!

When a loving sister discovers the perfect man she naturally wants to share the prize with her sister. But can he handle being with two women at once -- in and out of bed?

What begins as an innocent, all-girl family vacation takes a totally unexpected turn when two sisters, Nicole and Katherine, discover that they feel much more than platonic, sisterly affection for one another. And when Katherine, trapped in a loveless marriage, expresses her hunger to experience the love and heat that Nicole shares with her husband -- by sharing her husband -- sexual stereotypes, inhibitions and boundaries collapse under a wave of passion, desperate need and desire.

A Hot Flash erotic novelette!

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About the Author

Toni Hunt is a widely experienced media veteran. The author of many newspaper and magazine columns and stories, she is also an award-winning television writer and producer, focusing primarily on variety programming and documentaries.

Most recently, she has turned her attention to directing and producing audio books and has won wide acclaim and numerous awards (though a Grammy still eludes her). Sister, Sister is her first foray into the world of erotica.

She lives in Los Angeles with her family.

Categories Scorcher , Hot Flash , Scorcher - Getting it On , Hot Flash - Heterotica
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