SKILLFULLY AND LOVINGLY: Tales of Male-Male Love and Lust by Jan Vander Laenen


Dazzling male-male encounters – from the depths to the sublime.

Jan Vander Laenen is one of Europe's most celebrated gay male voices. This first-ever collection includes stories from Best Gay Erotica, Best Gay Love Stories, Bears, Passions, Stories of Extreme Sex, and more. "The Duquesnoy Trilogy" is a miniature outline of the leather scene; "A Glass of Cognac", a very French story about betrayal and unfaithfulness.

Many of these stories are situated in Brussels, Belgium, the city where Vander Laenen happens to live and which, as the capital of the European Community, already displays the international chaos characterized by our present world – and that makes it the perfect breeding ground for an author with imagination.

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About the Author

Jan Vander Laenen was born on 18 May 1960 in the Flemish- speaking part of Belgium as the third and last child of a family of notaries public. In 1978, his elder brother passed away in a car accident, while his father packed his bags in 1998 after a life of quarrels with his wife and children.

At a young age, Jan excelled at school with his fairy tales and compositions, though he would rather have studied music. After finishing school, he studied law for two years and obtained his degree in History of Art at the Catholic University of Louvain with a thesis on the French painter, Eugene Delacroix.

A holiday flirt in Italy during the summer of 1983 had far-reaching consequences: for twenty-one years, Jan would have a relationship with a Tuscan man, find work as a Dutch-French-Italian translator while, at the same time, beginning to sharpen his pen.

Now, in 2010, Jan once again lives in the capital city of his country, Brussels. For the last five years he has had an allochtonous partner, can look back on an extensive body of work, and hopes that, one day, he might be able to move to southern France.

He works as an art historian and translator (Dutch, French and Italian). He is also the author of eight collections of short stories, plays, and screenplays which have attracted keen interest abroad. A romantic comedy, Oscar Divo, and a thriller, The Card Game, are presently in the hands of a competent producer in Hollywood, while his short fiction collections The Butler and Poete maudit are eliciting the requisite accolades in Italy. He credits Karen Blixen and Edgar Allan Poe as his literary influences.

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